Classes Offered:


Happy Hounds Doggie Daycare

6:00 – K9 Cross Train Class

$15/class – this is a drop in class, so there is no start date or end date, you are welcome jump in anytime, just shoot me a message to let me know you are coming!

What is this class?  This is a really great way to to tryout several different types of sports and activities without committing to a full set of classes.  It is also a great way to socialize your dog to a class situation before continuing on in dog sports.  Or just an ongoing way to bond and have fun with your dog and add some enrichment to their day!

Each week, the class will rotate through one of the possible topics.

  •  Nosework – sniffing for a target odor hidden in creative locations
  • Click a Trick – using a clicker to shape and build on a wide variety of tricks from simple to complex, which can lead to a “trick dog title” from novice to performance levels.
  • Doggie Yoga – learn to work with your dog to properly stretch, build core and proprioception, as well as just teaching your dog to be handled and build a trusting relationship. use of yoga balls, fit paws equipment will be used during this class, if you have any you are welcome to bring them to add to the fun …a yoga mat or other non slip surface is recommended.                                                                     
  • Agilityish – This class will combine some of the fitness equipment from the doggie  yoga class as well as the actual agility obstacles.  Intro to the obstacles and some foundation exercises will be covered.  The space is a little small for agility, but its definitely a good place to try the sport out and get started.   
  • Rally Obedience – This class uses the akc Rally Obedience Cards to encourage team work an build on more traditional obedience skills such as heeling, sit, down, stand, and wait, but in a fun way.
  • Barn Hunt – this class is a great way to learn more about the sport of Barn Hunt, where rats (yes, real rats) are hidden in tubes (where they are safe…and you can’t see them).  We hide the tubes in the hay and your dog learns to sniff them out! 

Agility Classes  are taught at Love on a Leash in Harrsionburg on Thursdays and Fridays…contact me to find more information on how to get into those classes.  


Private lessons

Dog Sports – I offer private lessons in dog sports (agility, barn hunt, nosework, rally) at my field permitting.  $40/hour 

I can also do private lessons at Happy Hounds.  $45/hour

Obed/Behavior – I also offer behavior/puppy/basic obedience lessons at your home or out in real life situations where you are having issues.  $50 -$60/hour depending on distance.


Other topics/options – I am planning to teach a cgc, therapy dog prep course in the near future…check back for more details.

I am also a CGC evaluator.

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